International Harm Reduction Unit (IHRU)

As harm reduction theory and practice becomes increasingly well established as an effective approach towards reducing the negative consequences of drug use, there is a growing demand for rigorous and comprehensive intellectual and educational support for service providers and policy-makers.  Within this context, the GDPO’s International Harm Reduction Unit (IHRU) offers consultancy, professional training and research services to a wide variety of public and private sector clients.  Drawing on an extensive network of practitioners and researchers, the Unit’s core team is supplemented according to the requirements of individual projects and consultancies.

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The IHRU Team

 Dr Richard Pates, (Unit Lead), GDPO Associate (IHRU)  

Dr Richard Pates- new‌Dr Pates worked in the National Health Service (NHS) for nearly thirty years, twenty-four of them in the field of addiction.  He is a clinical psychologist by profession, has worked as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and, within the NHS, was Clinical Director of the Addiction services (in-patient and out-patient services) for Cardiff and the Vale.  For six years he was a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) advising the British Government on drug policy and Chair of the Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse advising the Welsh Government on drug policy.  He has published numerous peer reviewed papers, commissioned papers/reports, books chapters and has edited three major books on addiction.  The latest of these,  (Pates, R.M. and Riley, D. (Eds.) (2012), Harm Reduction for Substance Use and High Risk Behaviours: International Policy and Practice, is a major contribution to the field and currently the state of the art book on the subject internationally. He has undertaken consultancies in the UK and internationally and delivered training in the UK and in many countries of the world. He is also editor of a peer reviewed international journal, the Journal of Substance Use


Geoff Monaghan, GDPO Associate (IHRU)

‌ Geoff Monaghan- newGeoff Monaghan is a Research Fellow with the SemeionResearchCenter for the Science of Communication, RomeItaly ( ). A former career detective with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), London, he is an acknowledged authority on global drug trafficking trends and associated policing strategies and tactics, the role of police services in preventing HIV and drug related crime, harm reduction and UK drug policy and legislation. From November 2005 - September 2010, Geoff worked as the Regional Drugs and HIV/AIDS Expert, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Moscow, Russia and from September 2010 - December 2011, as the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Expert, UNODC, Hanoi, Vietnam. During this period, he was also the UNODC Global Focal Point for HIV and Police Services and a member of UNAIDS Global Task Force on Preventing HIV Among Uniformed Services. Since 1999, he has been a member of the editorial board of the journal Substance Use and Misuse and has authored/co-authored a number of articles and papers on policing and drug control policies.


Dr Diane Riley, GDPO Associate (IHRU)

Diane RileyDr Riley lives in Canada, but has undertaken extensive consultancy work internationally. Currently an advisor to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, she is an international consultant on public health policy and practice, a psychotherapist specialising in addiction, and has a status appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, School of Public Health.  She has over thirty years of experience in drug policy and treatment, harm reduction, HIV/AIDS and public health.  Diane is a founder member of the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy,  was a founder of the International Harm Reduction Association and has published numerous peer reviewed articles, book chapters and edited/co-edited several books, including most recently (Pates, R.M. and Riley, D. (Eds.) (2012), Harm Reduction for Substance Use and High Risk Behaviours: International Policy and Practice