What people say about us


“…..everyone I've spoken to who has attended the workshop can't speak highly enough of it. It sounds like you've hit the nail on the head regarding the techniques you and the team have developed.”

Jo-Anne Walsh, Manager, Keeping in Touch Scheme, City & County of Swansea

 “...addressed issues that are commonly seen in counselling young people, I  believe you exercised sound judgement in electing  qualified counsellors who could attend to any immediate distress and to whom you could make subsequent referrals if necessary.  

...I really hope this initiative is given the opportunity to ...reach out to those young people who often need extra support with identifying their existing abilities, developing  their communicative skills, and expanding their emotional literacy.”

Fiona Watts BA; BSc(Hons) Psychology; MScPsych; PGDipCouns(CBT); MBACP; MBPS

“We've proven that it is suitable for the 'disengaged' / 'hard to reach' young people of Swansea, that every young person will benefit from taking part in it.”

 Dr Rebecca White, ‘Keeping in Touch’ Scheme, City & County of Swansea

“I was very impressed with the professionalism of the First Choice team combined with a very realistic understanding of the young peoples needs. ...what impressed me the most was the progress I perceived in such a short space of time. The fact that many young people asked to stay longer or to come back is testament to how much they were aware of, on some level, the benefits of the First Choice experience.”

            Gavin Charles, Summer of Transition Manager 2012 Swansea Keeping                                                                                          in Touch Scheme

“….the best engagement activity I’ve seen to date”

Sarah Mellor, Careers Adviser

“...the project has engaged with great success a very difficult and hard to help client group in working with our young people.”

Lisa Dennis, New Opportunities, Swansea Young Single Homeless Project 

“I just wanted to say how positive the group were when they returned today. ‘M’ was absolutely beaming, telling me how excellent the course was and he’d love to do it again. It’s amazing to see such a transformation in a young person over just two days.”

Dr. Rebecca White, Keeping in Touch Scheme, City & County of Swansea 

‘Seeing how much the young people invest in the story over the two days was incredible....’

Staff, Swansea school 

‘The levels of concentration and patience from them has been fantastic...’

Kay Tallamy, Careers Adviser 

 “I’m amazed …never seen them so engaged before!”

                                    Support Staff, Educating Learners in Swansea

“There was a definite noticeable change in the young people’s attitudes by the end of the course.”

                        Support Staff, Educating Learners in Swansea

“...truly an empowering experience for the young people of Swansea who attended the workshops. ... nurtured the young people’s psychological wellbeing, identifying and using many skills and emotional intelligence to complete tasks. increase in confidence was displayed ....through their willingness to engage, enthusiasm and overall contribution to the workshop....appeared to complete the workshop with a greater understanding of the skills they already posses yet may not have been aware of or used before. “

            Emma Russ, Qualified Counsellor working with The Exchange Counselling Service



“It really made me think about my life, in a positive way.”

 “I felt accepted here and I’m not usually.”

“...I’ve never felt so supported!”

 “I’ve learnt things about myself that I will keep for life”

“I didn’t know I had hardly any skills till I come here!”

“I didn’t think I was good at art and design but I managed to drawn and build a garden....”

“Am I too late to sign on for the performing arts course?”

“This workshop has given me the confidence to follow my dream of opening a restaurant.”

“This has made me think I’d think I’d like to work in garden design – I like horticulture....”

“I’d like to go on and do some more acting now.”

 “It’s good to have bright ideas.”

“All this has been so important for me and I feel confident now to move forward.”

“You don’t know what to expect next… I love it.”

“I can’t stop smiling.”                                                  

“If we’re going to make them a garden it may as well be a paradise.” 

Staff supporting Participants with a Learning Disability 

“As well as a workshop for the young people this is training for staff.”

                                     Verbal communication, Rawlyn Morgan, 6th form Co-ordinator Ysgol Penybryn  

 “It gave me lots of ideas for new approaches to my teaching. Excellent feedback from the students and the staff who participated. A really positive experience – thanks!” 

“Fantastic workshop – all pupils in the school would benefit from taking part” 

“The pupils all developed in confidence and maturity over the 2 days. Fantastic workshop - all pupils in the school would benefit from taking part!”

“To see the students open out and enjoy was great.” 

‘I have never before seen the young people show so much emotional intelligence to such issues.’

Staff, Penybryn Special School