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Forms and Documents

To access any Financial Forms or Documents, click on the relevant form below. If you have any difficulty in locating a form, please contact Financial Accounting at financialaccounting@swansea.ac.uk.

F-A: Charter and Extracts from the Statutes
F-A: Financial Memorandum between HEFCW and Swansea University.

F-B.6 Terms of Reference of Audit Committee

F - D9: Prevention of Bribery - Policy Statement


F - D.17 (b): Public Interest Disclosure-Policy & Procedures

F - E.1.12 Application for Additional Funding


F - E.2.1: Statement of Principal Accounting Policies

F. - E.2.4 Subjective Codes List
F - E.2.7 Balance Sheet accounts

F - E.4.2: Request for Bench Fees
F - E.4.2: Fee Status assessment for new (and existing) students.
F - E.4.2 Payment of Fees

F - E.5.4 Accounting of Income Processed via a till

F - E.5.6 Treasury Management

‌‎ F.E.5.10 Anti- Money Laundering Policy

F.E.5.10 Polisi Gwrth-Wyngalchu Arian


All other Procurement forms and documents have been moved to the internal Procurement pages

F - E.6.11.8 Authorised Signatory Form 2016-17

‌‎F -E.6.14.21a: VAT Exemption: Medical

F - E.6.14.21b: VAT Exemption - Disabled persons ‌‎

F - E.6.14.21c: VAT Exemption - Charity ‌‎

F - E.6.14.21d VAT Exemption Form - Conferences

F - E.7.4.2 Form DP1

F - E.8.3.1 Request for approval to travel overseas

F - E.8.11.2: Overseas Subsistence Rates @ Oct 2012 ‌‎

F - E.8.13.6 Claim form for reimbursement of excess cost of professional indemni

F - E.8.13.6 Claim form for reimbursement of excess cost of professional indemni

F - E.8.13.12 Relocation Expenses

F - E.8.13.12(a) Relocation Expenses Form
F - E.8.16.1 Request for a Travel Advance
F - E.8.16.2 Request for a Cash Advance

F - E.8.16.2 Request for a Cash Advance  

F-E.8.17 Claim Form - Reimbursement of expenses

F - E.9.7a Change of Bank Details Form (Bilingual) ‌ 

F - E.9.10:Claim Form for external examiners(higher degrees)  
F - E.9.10(a):Claim Form for external examiners(initial degrees)

F E.9.11 Redundancy Payments Procedure  

F - E.10.1.2 Training and Consultancy and Other Paid Work (Head of Department ap

F - E. Request for Permission to act as an Expert Witness

F - E.10.1.4: Personal Consultancies Indemnity

F - E.14.4: Regulations for the Management of the University's Art Collection.

F - E.14.5 Regulations for the management of the University's Silver Collection

F - E 15.1: Statement of Investment Principles

F - E.16.3: Payment of Scholarships/Bursaries.

F - E.17.1 Summary of Insurance Covers

F - E.17.1 Driver's Authorisation Form (F.E.17.1) Sep16


F - E.17.1 Student Placement Guidelines

F - E.17.1 Summary of Travel Cover 2017-2018

F - E.17.5: Gift Aid Declaration.
F - E.17.5 Giving to Universities - Legacies
F - E.17.5 Giving to Universities - Tax Relief for individuals and companies
F - E. 17. 6(a) VAT Advice August 2017

F - E 17 6(b) VAT on Research August 2017