Swansea University

Contracts and Agreements

Approved suppliers to the University. An approved supplier is a one which has been through a full tender process.


The GeM contracts database has replaced CuPID and is the portal for Higher Education agreements and Frameworks open to HE institutions across the UK.


Please note that when there is more than one supplier, your institution may have undertaken a mini-tender or further competition exercise to appoint a sole approved supplier from these lists: otherwise you are advised to undertake a benchmark or mini-tender exercise of all available suppliers as appropriate.

Please find below a list of approved suppliers to the University. This is where the University has been through a tender process to appoint. For all other commodities not listed below please use the link above, which will direct you to the Unibuy website.

  • Corporate Stationery - DWJ Colourprint

           Account Manager - Dawn Jones - dawn.jones@imex-group.com - 01792 704880

  • Creative Design -

           Icon Creative Design - Strategic design campaign and brand development and print services

           Waters Creative  - Creative design and print services

           Icon - Androulla Webb - androulla@iconcreativedesign.com 01633 897086

           Waters Creative Ltd  - Rachael Wheatley - rachael@waters-creative.co.uk 0845 860 601

  • Photcopiers and MFD's - Konica Minolta

            Account Manager Alan Fox - Alan.fox@konicaminolta.co.uk  01792 796001 / 07712 140683

  • Taxis - Data Cabs

           01792 474747 / 01792 545454

  • Water Coolers - CoolerAid

            Account Manager Hayley Clarke - info@cooleraid.co.uk 01223 830400

  • Office Stationery - Office Depot

            Account Manager - Diane Hallett  - Diane.hallett@officedepot.com  07740576244

  • Business Travel

            Clarity Travel - Account Manager Becky Harbey - contact for reservations - 0333 0146080

             Key Travel - Account Manager Paul Walton - contact for reservation Topaz team - topaz@keytravel.com - 0845 266 8865