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Financial Statistics

You can find information about the University's published financial statements and other relevant financial statistics in this section

Please note the following:-

The financial statements are published in pdf format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) in order to view them.

Here are the most recently published financial statements


Adolygiad Gweithredol ac Ariannol a Datganiadau Ariannol 2014-15

Operating and Financial Review and Financial Statements 2014-15

Adolygiad Gweithredol ac Ariannol a Datganiadau Ariannol 2013-14

Operating Financial Review 2013-2014

Operating and Financial Review 2012-2013

Operating and Financial Review 2011-2012

Financial Statements 2010-11                                   Datganiadau Ariannol 2010-11

Financial Statements 2009-10                                   Datganiadau Ariannol 2009-10    

Financial Statements 2008-09                                   Datganiadau Ariannol 2008-09

Financial Statements 2007/2008

Financial Statements 2006/2007

Financial Statements 2005/2006

Financial Statements 2004/05

Financial Statements 2003/04

Financial Statements 2002/03

Financial Statements 2001/02


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