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The Finance Department aims to provide a cost effective, efficient and professional financial service which includes advice, direction, guidance and support to all members of the University.

We are responsible for recording all of the financial transactions relating to the University and we ensure that these transactions comply with the current financial policies and procedures and any legislation governing the way we must carry out our business.

Aerial View of Campus with Beach

You can find us at the North-East limit of the campus perimeter - or that's at the top far right when you stand with your back to the sea!. The campus map can show you where we are.

 Important Information: 21.09.16

We apologise but the payments team are currently unable to respond to e mails or phone calls due to the processing of a high volume of payments of invoices and expenses following the implementation of a new Finance System.


The Payments team will next review e mails on 29th September and will respond accordingly then. The e mail address invoices@swansea.ac.uk will be monitored more frequently.


If there is an urgent issue (for example court threat, student hardship, business continuity need) please send the e mail to invoices at Swansea.ac.uk and write “URGENT” under the subject. Those that are not deemed urgent will not be responded to until 29th September.


We apologise for the delay in making the payments and in responding to you but are working to clear the backlog of payments as efficiently as possible.


Opening Hours

Cash Office: 9.30 -15:30
Other Offices - 9:00 -17:00


Finance Department,
Swansea University,
Singleton Park,
Swansea. SA2 8PP