Swansea Jewish community

Welcome to Swansea University and greetings from the Jewish community of this city.  I am a member of an interfaith group set up on this campus.  Our goal is to ensure that students of all faiths and beliefs, from diverse cultures and backgrounds, can coexist in peace and harmony.  We wish to dispel ignorance and to promote mutual respect and understanding.

We are a small congregation of mainly elderly members. Our Synagogue is traditional and orthodox.  We do not have a resident rabbi. Whenever possible weekly Sabbath services are held on Friday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 10am followed by a Kiddush.  We hold services for all Jewish festivals. If you wish to attend a service or you would like to visit us and receive home hospitality then please contact me.  We welcome all visitors.

This is the oldest Jewish community in Wales and was once the largest. We have written records dating back to 1730. For further information on our history and current events please refer to Dr. David Morris at the Archive department at Swansea Civic Centre on Oystermouth road.  The library at the same location contains a comprehensive Jewish section.  There are no kosher restaurants in Swansea, however there are vegetarian restaurants available.

The nearest Jewish community is in Cardiff approximately 40 miles away, 1 hour by Greyhound bus (hourly service) or by train (every 30 minutes).  There are two active synagogues in Cardiff, one Orthodox and one Reform.  The closest Liberal synagogue is in Newport, 1 hour and 20 minutes from central Swansea.  Cardiff University has an active Jewish Society.  Swansea University has a Community Security Trust representative.

If you have any problems then do not hesitate to contact me.

On behalf of the Swansea Jewish community I wish you every success in your studies and I hope that you enjoy your student life here.    


Norma Glass