Your faith

Swansea University's campus offers great facilities for worship. These pages will tell you more about our:

If your faith is not represented the staff of the Chaplaincy will gladly help put students in touch with representatives of other faiths and denominations.

If you are concerned that your religious observance may clash with lectures, tutorials or examinations, the guidance notes explain what to do.

Religious observance and timetable clashes


Where possible, examinations are timetabled to avoid recognised religious celebrations, festivals or ceremonies and key prayer times.

If you have a conflict between religious observance and the timetabling of examinations you should notify the Examinations Office in the Academic Registry in writing at the earliest opportunity and by no later than 31 October in respect of Semester One examinations taking place in January and by 28 February in respect of Semester Two examinations taking place in May/June.


For lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory work, each School/College or Department has a member of staff responsible for timetabling who works with the Central Timetabling Office based in the Estates and Facilities Department.

Following the formal introduction of the policy, where possible, lectures for core modules at undergraduate level will be timetabled to avoid key prayer times, and in particular 1pm-2pm on Fridays.

If you have a clash between religious observance and the timetabling of lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory work you should notify the Central Timetabling Office at the earliest opportunity and within two weeks of the publication of the timetable in question.

If the timetable is within the control of the Central Timetabling Office they will seek to address the issue. If the timetable is within the control of the School/College or Department it will be passed to them to seek a resolution.