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Safety Training

Training is a statutory requirement and will need to be carried out continuously. All staff and students must be trained in safe working procedures for the work they are required to carry out.

All staff and students are required to know and observe Fire Evacuation procedures.  Staff and graduate students should attend a Basic Safety Course, Basic First Aid Course and a Fire Extinguisher Training Session.  Specialist training in Radiation Safety, Laboratory Safety, Laser Safety and VDU and Gas Cylinders will be given to all graduate students and staff who are required to work with ionising radiations, in Chemical Laboratories, Lasers, VDU or Gas Cylinders.



The Staff Health and Safety e-Learning system is accessible here:


Guidance on the e-Learning system is available here (pdf):

E-Learning Guidance (English)  /   E-Learning Guidance (Cymraeg)



Postgraduate Safety Training

As below ...

  1. Responsibility for health and safety in experimental research work is placed upon the person supervising the research.
  2. To ensure safety in research projects, full professional standards of design shall be observed.
  3. No project shall be started until an assessment of the hazards associated with the process and materials involved has been made, discussed, and the precautions to be taken against them agreed between the research supervisor and research students(s) and recorded by both parties.  Additionally, during the course of the life of the project, continuous assessment of the hazards associated with any new processes and any new materials which may be introduced into the project must be done, these discussed and the precautions to be taken against the additional or new hazards agreed by the research supervisor and research student(s).  The recording of these actions must be done formally by the research supervisor and research student(s) on the University forms provided for the purpose.  The completed forms must be kept by the departments and be available for inspection at all times by HM Health and Safety Inspectors and authorised officers of the University.  The Head of Department is responsible for ensuring that a properly completed and signed safety assessment form has been prepared for every research project involving staff and research students and others in his/her Department.
  4. Specialist training is available in:
    (a) Introduction to Health & Safety
    (b) Basic Fire Aid
    (c) Fire Awareness
    (d) Radiation Safety
    (e) Laboratory Safety
    (f) Laser Safety
    (g) Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety
    (h) Use of Gas Cylinders

    All Postgraduate students should attend relevant safety training to their work.
  5. Where there is a danger of fire in work involving large quantities of flammable materials, the University Safety Officer must be informed so that he/she can evaluate the fire hazard and advise on appropriate precautions.


Safety Training Matrix

Fire safety, First aid, Gas cylinder, Hydrofluoric acid safety, Introduction to health & safety, Laboratory safety, Manual handling, Talkdown/Breakaway and VDU training should be attended by the relevant personnel at intervals specified below

Course Audience Period
Cyanide Safety All staff who use cyanide Every 4 years
Fire Safety All staff Every 4 years
First Aid Certain designated staff and volunteers Every 3 years
Gas Cylinder All staff who use gas cylinders Every 4 years
Hydrofluoric Acid Safety All staff who use hydrofluoric acid Every 4 years
Introduction to Health and Safety New staff as part of induction training. All existing staff One-off
Laboratory Safety (COSHH and Fume Cupboards) All staff who work in laboratories Every 4 years
Manual Handling All technicians, porters and workshop staff. Other designated staff and volunteers Every 3 years
Talkdown / Breakaway Staff who may come into contact with violent and aggessive people Every 4 years
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Training All staff who use DSE as a significant part of their work Every 4 years


Training Courses

The following courses are currently available from Staff Development

  1. COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  2. Evacuation Chair Training
  3. Fire Safety Training - mandatory for all staff
  4. First Aid at Work - Three Day Course
  5. Emergency First Aid at Work- One Day Course
  6. First Aid at Work Requalification - Two Day Course
  7. Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training
  8. Laboratory Safety
  9. Manual Handling Skills
  10. Risk Assessment for Office Based Environments
  11. Introduction to Health and Safety
  12. Updating Sessions for Health & Safety Co-ordinators
  13. Talkdown and Breakaway Training - Avoiding Violence in the Workplace
  14. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety - Mandatory for all staff who use PCs

Further information on the above Safety Courses can be found in Staff Development


Training Resources

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