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This section provides the latest news on health and safety issues locally and nationally.

The Safety Office is now part of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Services which is part of Estates & Facilities Management (E&FM) Directorate.


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Swansea University wins Safety Award

The University picked up an award for 'Outstanding Safety Performance and Innovation in Safety Training' from Swansea & West Wales Occupational Safety Group for 2010.

Health Fair 2011 - 2nd and 3rd Feb 2011

Very well attended, much more interactive and judged to be a great success.

Swansea University wins Health & Wellbeing Award

The University has won the first ever Health & Wellbeing Shield awarded by Swansea & West Wales Occupational Safety Group.

The award was made for Excellence in Occupational Health and Wellbeing in 2009 for the Health Fair.

Thanks to all staff who helped the team put on the event.

As it was such a success we have decided to re-run the event this year with a slightly different theme - Health and Fitness.

Health Fair 2010 - 5th and 6th May

Details can be found here: Health Fair 2010

The main raffle prizes are a quality surfboard donated by Coca-Cola and 4 IPod Shuffles.

Other prizes are shown here (cricket equipment not shown):

Health Fair 2010 Prizes