Swansea University - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Most often asked Questions with their Answers

Who to contact

Smoking on campus

Emergency Procedures

Online Health & Safety Training

Accident, Near Miss & Hazard Reporting

Minimum & Maximum Workplace Temperatures


Who to contact


 Q.         Who do I contact regarding health & safety issues?

 A.         For day to day issues within your College/School/Department please contact your:

Health & Safety Co-ordinator

For advice on health & safety issues for the University please contact the Health & Safety Office on Tel: 01792 (29)5631/5150.

To report hazards such as broken paving please contact the Estates Helpdesk on Tel: 01792 (29)5240 in the first instance and inform your Safety Coordinator and the Health & Safety Office.


Smoking on campus


 Q.        Where is smoking allowed on campus?  

 A.        Smoking is permitted on campus as long as the individual is at least 5 metres away from any building. This means that the Mall (from the Digital Technium to the Abbey) is a smoke-free area.

As with all University policies, staff are expected to enforce this by informing individuals of the smoking rules on campus.


Emergency Procedures


 Q.        Which number should I ring in an emergency?

  A.        In the event of any emergency you should ring Ext 333 from an internal phone. This number will still put you in touch with the emergency services but will allow the University Switchboard and Security teams to be kept informed of the situation.

If you are unable to ring from an internal phone, then contact the emergency services by ringing Tel: 999 and also inform the University Security by ringing Tel: 01792 (29)4271.


Q.         Where do I go during an evacuation?

A.        When an alarm sounds, stop what you are doing and calmly make your way to the nearest, safest emergency exit (the green sign with the running man will guide you to these).

Make your way out of the building and to the assembly point. For a list of assembly points please click below

Fire Assembly Locations


Online Health & Safety Training


 Q.         How do I access the online health & safety training?

 A.        The online training can be found at:-


The username is the first part of your email (before the @ symbol).

For example:-

E-mail address is j.a.smith@swansea.ac.uk so username will be j.a.smith.

The default password is 1234if you have changed your password and forgotten it please contact the Health & Safety Office.


Q.         How do I register for the online training?

 A.         If you are not registered with the online training system (i.e. you are a new starter) please contact the Health & Safety Office to arrange for an account to be created.  

Please provide your full name, email address, school/department & job title.

Please note that new starters are expected to complete the mandatory training within their 1st month of starting work.


Q.        What do I do if I fail a training module?

A.        If you need to re-sit a module please contact the Health & Safety Office to allocate a new unit.


Q.         What do I do if I get an error message stating that there are insufficient training units?

A.        If you receive this error message contact the Health & Safety Office who will allocate more units to your school/department.


Accident, Near Miss & Hazard Reporting


Q.         How do I report accidents, near misses and hazards?

A.         To report any incidents please complete an accident or hazard/near miss form and forward on to your Supervisor/Manager/ Health & Safety Co-ordinator (In that order of preference). Once the form has been signed and completed a copy must be sent to the Health & Safety Office and your Health & Safety Co-ordinator.

Forms can be found either with your Health and Safety Coordinator or click below:

Accident Report Form

Accident Reporting Guidance

NB If you see something that you believe to be a significant/immediate hazard please report it to the Estates Helpdesk on Tel: 01792 (29)5240.

Please note if a serious incident occurs (i.e. fatality or a major injury) the Health & Safety Office must be informed immediately.


Minimum & Maximum Workplace Temperatures


Q.        What is the minimum and maximum temperature of a workplace?

 A.        There is a minimum temperature which is set down in the Approved Codes of Practice to the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992.

The minimum temperature is specified at 16 degrees Celsius; however workplaces that involve a lot of physical effort can be 13 degrees Celsius.

There is not a set maximum temperature detailed in the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations. There is, however, an obligation to ensure that employees are reasonably comfortable in the workplace (in the context of the work they do).         

This could mean providing employees with fans, opening windows, cold water, allowing a more relaxed work attire, heaters etc.

For further information please visit the Health & Safety Executive website:-