Travel by Car - Staff

At Swansea University we are committed to embedding sustainable practices throughout every aspect of University life. With this in mind, we encourage staff and students to use public transport where possible. Find out more about travelling by bus (including details about the staff bus pass scheme) here.

However, we do appreciate that some staff are unable to use public transport due to personal circumstances.

For those who do need to drive to and from our campuses, please find details below on how and where to park.

Staff Parking Permits

University staff can apply for car parking permits which will allow them to park on campus.

Permits for this year are valid from 1 June 2017 until 31st May 2018.


New permits do not display vehicle registration numbers which will make car sharing easier (permits will now be scanned to ensure they are displayed in registered vehicles and in the case of car share that only one vehicle is present). 

How to Apply

All the information you need to know about applying for a permit is here:

Intranet Applications

The best way to apply for your permit is via the staff intranet, except for Pub on the Pond and Car Share permits which require additional information and have to be made in person (see below).

To apply via the intranet: first log into your Swansea University intranet account, then select My Account and My Parking Permit, then select Apply for Permit. From there, please complete the online form, following the simple online instructions.

When completing the online form, in order to avoid receiving a charge notice for an unregistered vehicle, please ensure that all your vehicle details are up to date.  (You may register up to 3 vehicles).

Applications in Person

If you are applying for Pub on the Pond or Car Share Permits which require you to supply additional information, or if you prefer to apply for your permit in person, you can do so from 3rd May onwards at the Estates & Facilities Management Reception on the 4th Floor of Union House on Singleton Park Campus.

If you are applying for a permit for the Bay Campus and want to do so in person, or you are applying for a Bay Campus Car Share Permit which requires additional information, you should go to the Estates & Facilities Management Reception on the 1st Floor of the Tower Information Centre on the Bay Campus.

Car Tax, MOT Certificates & Insurance Cover

All vehicles shown on your new permit MUST be taxed and have a valid MOT certificate and certificate of insurance. Estates & Facilities Management staff will conduct an online check to ensure everything is in place when processing your application.

Charges & Parking Bands

Parking Pay Bands have been changed to reflect HMRC changes to the upper and lower tax thresholds.

Parking permit charges have been reviewed by the Swansea University Senior Management Team and remain the same as those applied in 2016/17.

Band Proposed Salary Eligibility Price of Permit Monthly Payment

Salary up to £11,000


12 monthly payments of £3.66


Salary between £11,001 and £20,000


12 monthly payments of £6.66


Salary between £20,001 and £30,000


12 monthly payments of £14.58

Salary between £30,001 and £42,700


12 monthly payments of £24.00


Salary in excess of £42,700


12 monthly payments of £31.25

Low Emission Discount

We will be offering a 30% discount for low emission vehicles again this year.

In order to receive the 30% discount, all the vehicles registered to the permit must be low emission (Under CO2 120g/km).

You will no longer need to provide additional information (e.g. V5 document) as Estates & Facilities Management are now able to check emissions levels via the DVLA vehicle enquiry website. On checking this link we will then be able to process your application.

Please inform Estates & Facilities Management of any changes to your vehicle(s) during the 2017/2018 academic year so that we can update our records and ensure eligibility.

Payment Options

The Government has recently withdrawn salary sacrifice schemes such as Parking Plus. Individuals currently signed up to the Parking Plus scheme should note it will continue to run until April 5th 2018 but that no new Parking Plus applications will be accepted.

You can make a parking permit payment via Salary Deduction, Parking Plus (up until 5th April 2018 for existing scheme members)or in full by cash, credit or debit card.

Lost or Damaged Permits

There is a replacement fee of £5 for a lost or damaged permit. 

Types of Permit Available

You can apply for a number of different types of permit depending on your circumstances and where you would normally park on a day to day basis:

On Campus Permits (Apply via intranet or in person)

If you are based at Singleton Park Campus you can use your permit to park on the campus and also at the Recreation Ground and at the Bay Campus. If applying via the intranet you should select Singleton Park as your car park when completing the online form.

If you are based at the Bay Campus you can use your permit to park on the campus and also at the Singleton Park Campus and at the Recreation Ground. If applying via the intranet you should select Bay Campus as your car park when completing the online form.

Pub on The Pond Permits (No Longer Available)

Pub on the Pond permits are no longer available.

Recreation Ground Permits (No longer available)

Please note that from 1 June 2017 Recreation Ground Only Permits will no longer be available. Only Singleton & Bay Campus permit holders will be eligible to use their permits to park on the Recreation Ground. Daily charges will apply for those not displaying a valid permit.

Car Share Permits (Apply in person only)

Staff sharing cars with other permit holders are eligible for a discounted parking permit, depending on the number of ‘buddies’ in the scheme. Car Share Permits will be charged on a pro rata basis, depending on the number of buddies, e.g. 2 sharers will pay 50% of their salary, depending on their bands, 3 sharers will pay 33% of their salary depending on their bands. The maximum number of buddies that can register for any car share is three.

Applications for Car Share Permits open on 3rd May 2017.

Before applying, all buddies need to register for the Swansea University Liftshare Scheme (

To apply, each member of the car share team will need to provide the following:

  • Completed car -parking permit application form and car share declaration
  • The confirmation e-mail received following initial registration at
  • Payment: either via Salary Deduction, Parking Plus (up until 5th April 2018 for existing scheme members)or in full by cash, credit or debit card

Further Information About The Car Sharing Scheme

Car share users will be allocated a numbered or lettered space relevant to their buddy team and the corresponding space will be clearly located within car park 2 on Singleton Park Campus and the main staff car park at the Bay Campus.

From Monday to Friday up until 11.00am, car share permit holders only will be able to park in their allocated bay. However if the car share space is not accommodated by 11.00am, the space will become available for other non-car share permit holders to use. If the car share permit holder’s space is taken by another permit holder after 11am, the car share user is free to park in any available space on campus. If at this point no spaces are available on campus, the Recreation Ground should be used. 

Permits for Disabled Badge Holders (Apply in person)

Staff members who are disabled badge holders should submit an application form in person to Estates & Facilities Management, along with proof of their blue badge status in order for a free of charge parking permit to be processed.

In addition to blue badge holders, carers in direct support of a University student or member of staff will be eligible for a parking permit free of charge and, where this involves the transport of a disabled member of staff or student, they will be eligible to use disabled parking.

Forms & Guidance

All the information, forms & guidance you need in order to make your application are available here.

Please note the car parking permit conditions of issue have been updated.

Additional information relating to your permit

Below you will find further information relating to your car parking permit.

Distribution of Parking Permits

Parking permits will be issued by Estates & Facilities Management and distributed to staff between Tuesday 30th May and Friday 9th June 2017. Any permit applications submitted after this date will need to be collected in person from the Estates & Facilities Management Reception at Singleton Park or the Bay Campus. 

If You Need to Update Your Vehicle Details During 2017/18

If you change your registered vehicle, there is no requirement to apply for a new permit (unless switching to low emission or vice versa).

However in order to avoid receiving a charge notice for an unregistered vehicle, you must update your vehicle details via the intranet; go to My Account then My Parking Permit.

Control & Management of Car Parking

Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras have been installed at entrances and exits to the Bay Campus and are due to be rolled out at Singleton Park Campus in order to monitor vehicles entering and leaving the site for the purpose of effective car parking management.

The system recognises permit holders’ vehicles and the parking rights attached to that vehicle. Vehicles without permits or in contravention of a permit condition will be automatically identified and any vehicle identified that remains on site after a prescribed time for drop offs or deliveries will receive a Parking Charge Notice.

The manual issuing of Parking Charge Notices will still occur for those vehicles found to be parking in undesignated parking areas or restricted areas such as yellow lines and grass verges. A Parking Enforcement Officer has been employed by Total Parking Solutions to assist with this function at the Bay Campus.

Improved Loading Bays

There are now a number of loading parking spaces and loading bays across campus which may be used by permit holders and marked vehicles for the purpose of loading, delivering and carrying out works. You may remain in the bays and spaces for up to one hour. If you do require longer, then please arrange a temporary notice with our security team to display in your vehicle.

Please see map and further details -   Loading Bay Plan

Pay & Display Parking

Singleton Park Campus

There is some pay & display parking available to visitors to Singleton Park Campus.

The closest pay & display car parks for staff and students are at the Recreation Ground to the east of the Campus and at the Pub on the Pond just to the west. Both are just a short walk from the campus.


Bay Campus

There is very limited pay & display parking available at the Bay Campus in the main car park located to the west of the campus. There are currently 460 parking bays available in the car park with the first seven lanes (closest to the main campus) being held for car parking permit holders. The remaining six lanes to the rear of the car park (towards the west) are available to both permit holders and those wishing to pay and display.

There is limited pay & display parking available in the SSSI car park located to the east of the campus.