Where to park if you travel by car

Swansea University encourages all of its staff and students to use public transport as much as possible – sustainability is at the heart of the University’s ethos and has seen it achieve ‘First Class Degree’ status in The Guardian ‘Green League’.

However, we appreciate that some staff and students are unable to use public transport due to where their live, their childcare arrangements, their disabilities, or for other reasons.

For those staff who have to drive to work, please find below essential information about parking permits and car sharing. There is also important information here about the staff bus pass scheme.

Information on Car Parking Permits and Bus Pass

Parking Permits

Intranet parking permit applications for 2016/2017 will open on the 18th April 2016. Permits will be valid from 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017. Old 14/15 permits are valid until the 10th June 2016. To apply via intranet once logged in select “My Account” and follow the instructions.

If you wish to apply in person this will be possible from Tuesday 26th April 2016 at the Estates and Facilities Reception, 4th Floor, Union House.  

We will be offering 30 spaces at the Pub on the Pond on a first come first serve basis.  

We will also be offering a number of spaces at the Recreation Ground for 50% of the applicant’s salary banding on a first come first served basis.  We will continue to offer a discount on permits where all the vehicles registered are low emission .


Parking charges have increased in line with the charges set out by Swansea University Senior Management Team.

Band ‘A’  £44.00   (salary up to £11,000)

Band ‘B’  £80.00   (salary between £11,001 - £20,000)

Band ‘C’  £175.00 (salary between £20,001 - £30,000)

Band ‘D’ £288.00  (salary between £30,001 - £42,700)

Band ‘E’ £375.00  (salary in excess of £42.700)

2016/2017 [commencing June 2016]

Band ‘A’ 12 monthly payments of £3.66

Band ‘B’  12 monthly payments of £6.66

Band ‘C’  12 monthly payments of £14.58

Band ‘D’  12 monthly payments of £24.00

Band ‘E’  12 monthly payment of £31.25 

  • Blue badge holders will require a permit but these are free of charge.
  • There is a replacement fee of £5 for a lost or defaced permit. 

Application Process

  • All permit applications (except Recreation Ground , Pub on the Pond and Car Share) can now be registered via the intranet.  
  • Permits no longer display vehicle registration numbers making car sharing easier (permits will be scanned to ensure they are displayed in registered vehicles and in the case of car share that only one vehicle is present). 
  • You can update your vehicle records via the intranet (you may register up to 3 vehicles, please ensure that your records are up to date to avoid receiving a charge notice for an unregistered vehicle).Any changes to vehicles can be made via the intranet in my account - my parking permit. There is no requirement to have a new permit unless switching to low emission and vice versa. 
  • Intranet permit applications will only remain open until 31st July 2016, after this date please apply in person to Estates Reception.  
  • Low Emission Vehicles .  In order to receive your 30% discount all vehicles registered to your permit must be low emission under 120g/km, we now have the facility to check these emissions via the DVLA vehicle enquiry website and no longer require you to submit your registration documents. On checking this link we will then be able to process your application. Any removal / additions to your vehicles during the 2016/2017 academic year estates must be notified so that we can update our vehicle records to ensure eligibility.


A valid permit must be purchased and displayed by all those wishing to park in University managed car parks. For further information please see the guidance below:-












Car Sharing

Staff sharing cars with other permit holders are eligible for a discounted parking permit at the relevant percentage reduction for the number of ‘buddies’ in the scheme up to a maximum of three buddies.  If you wish to apply then each ‘sharer’ must complete a CAR SHARE DECLARATION 16-17 and take in person to the Estates reception. Each ‘group’ wishing to apply must submit their declaration forms from 19th April 2016 for the discount to apply from the 1st of June 2016.

Car Share Declarations must be completed in person at Estates with at least one “buddy” team member being present; applications cannot be registered through the intranet system.  

The cost is now a percentage of the applicants salary band dependent on the number of ‘buddies’ in the scheme up to a maximum of three. Charges will therefore be 50% of each person’s salary band for two people or 33% of each person’s salary band for three people. 

The following will need to be provided on all members of the team:

  • Payment monthly via salary or “Parking plus” or in full payment payable by cash/debit/credit card
  • Completed car -parking application and car share declaration
  • Confirmation e-mail received following initial registration at www.swanseauni.liftshare.com

Improved Loading Bays

There are now a number of loading parking spaces and loading bays across campus which may be used by permit holders and marked vehicles for the purpose of loading, delivering and carrying out works. You may remain in the bays and spaces for up to one hour. If you do require longer, then please arrange a temporary notice with our security team to display in your vehicle.

Please see map and further details - Loading Bay Plan

Information on Car Parking Permits and Bus Pass

Staff Bus Pass Scheme 

The University operates a Staff Bus Pass Scheme.   The scheme offers staff the opportunity to purchase an annual Bus Pass for travel throughout South and South West Wales on First Cymru buses, seven days per week throughout the year at an annual charge of £350.00 for Swansea City or £450 for Swansea “Max”

It is important to note that the University pay the annual amount to First Cymru buses on behalf of the staff member so for this reason bus passes are non-returnable / refundable. 

Bus Pass Replacement Scheme – The Travel shop offer a Bus pass replacement scheme at an additional cost of £30 payable to the Travel shop. This includes replacement of up to 2 losses dependant on Travel shop terms and conditions.

Staff members should ensure they retain this insurance document that is issued with the bus pass as they will be required to produce this in the event of a lost bus pass to the Travel shop.   Bus Passes cannot be reissued without this document.

Payment of Bus passes

Additionally, staff can spread the cost of the scheme via monthly salary deductions.

  • Annual bus pass £350.00/450.00 divided by 12 months = £29.16/37.50 monthly (This monthly salary deduction is only available to members of staff who are employed on a permanent basis)
  • For members of staff on fixed term contracts, the annual cost of the permit will be recalculated based upon the length of their contract – eg 10 months contract £350 or 450/10 = £35/45 monthly etc.
  • All members of staff do also have the option to pay in full, regardless of the duration of their contract.

‘The bus pass agreement will be entered into for the full term of a calendar year.  The deductions will be made from salary on a monthly basis in equal instalments, however if an individual leaves the employment of the University before the end of the term of the contract the remaining balance of the bus pass will be deducted from the final salary payment.  The employee will retain the use of the bus pass for the remainder of the duration of the contract.’

*Bus Passes cannot be cancelled once issued.*

**Bus Passes are non-transferable.

For more information contact the Estates Reception.  If you wish to apply please complete the Bus Pass Application Form 2015/16 in person at Estates Reception for approval before proceeding to the Travel Shop for issue.

Bus Pass Application Form 2016-17

Staff Bus Pass Scheme - Ts & Cs

Bus passes are available at any time and not restricted to academic years.