Risk management

Swansea University promotes sensible risk management. That means concentrating efforts on the risks that arise more often, and/or the things that could cause significant ill health, injury or damage the University’s reputation.

Sensible Risk Management

To achieve sensible risk management consider the following:

  • There is no need to assess and document trivial risks;
  • Sensible risk management is less about filling in lots of paperwork, more about using available knowledge and guidance on things that need to be in place to ensure people’s health and safety are safeguarded;
  • Sensible health and safety processes enable innovation and learning, they do not stifle them;
  • The ‘risk assessment’ is the process to enable this to happen, time taken to do this must be proportionate to the risk.
  • The aim is to safeguard people not simply to be ‘compliant’.

Risk management is not about:

Risk management is not about:

  • Scaring people by exaggerating or publicising trivial risks;
  • Stopping important research and learning activities where the risks are managed;
  • Creating a totally risk-free society;
  • Generating useless paperwork mountains. 

Further Advice & Support

For further advice and support regarding risk management contact the Health & Safety Team:

Call: 5240

Email: healthandsafety@swansea.ac.uk

Arrangements, guidance, forms & templates

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