A Gift from the Grounds Team – Win one of our hand carved stools!

The most fun or unusual way to grow your cress seeds wins!

  1. Choose a fun container in which to sow your cress seeds
  2. Fill your “container” with soil
  3. Break off a seed stick
  4. Push the pointed end into soil up to the depth line and water
  5. Press the seeds in lightly and sprinkle with a little extra soil
  6. Place your “pot” in a sunny, indoor location – e.g. your window sill
  7. Spray regularly with water to keep moist
  8. The seeds will sprout in about 2-3 days
  9. When your sprouts have grown, take a pic and send with your email address to P.D.Edwards@Swansea.ac.uk
  10. The two lucky winners will be notified at the end of October