Contractors Parking & Deliveries


All contractors must report to security at the entrance gate and adhere to the instructions given regarding parking and unloading.


All deliveries and collections should be made between the hours of 8am & 4pm.

Under 30 Minutes

Short term parking for deliveries is in loading and delivery areas only 

More than 30 Minutes

If you require longer than 30 minutes then please arrange a temporary notice with our security team to display in your vehicle.  The security team are located in the entrance to Fulton House. Directions are as follows: Turn right as you enter the building and go through the double doors and the Security Office is opposite the cash machines in the right hand corner. View our Campus Map here

* With sufficient prior notice, special exemptions can be made for deliveries.

 Key Contacts:

Contact the Senior Security Supervisor as follows:

  • Singleton Park Campus – Tel: 01792 295240 / 294271
  • Bay Campus – Tel: 01792 606010