Swansea University students have ended the academic year by working together with staff from Sustainability on a massive end of term clear out.

A number of end of term events coordinated by the Sustainability team have seen students working towards their Sustainability Award getting together with staff to minimise waste and ensure unwanted items are not discarded but instead recycled or passed on to new owners.

The Sustainability team has partnered with the Students Union, Residential Services and with local charities on a range of end of term initiatives aimed at ensuring a waste free end to the academic year and promoting a campus culture of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling:

Donate IT took place on the Singleton Park Campus on 16 June and involved SWell working with the Students Union to encourage students to sort out their belongings and donate them to a variety of charities in advance of leaving their halls of residence. Eight student volunteers joined in with the initiative working hard to encourage fellow students leaving their campus residences to drop off all kinds of unwanted clothing, unopened food products and household items at the Students Union for redistribution. The event enabled students to pass on their unwanted homeware such as crockery and pots and pans and small pieces of equipment to fellow students arriving in September for the new academic year. Clothes and accessories were donated to local charities such as British Heart Foundation and any leftover sealed food items were sent to Swansea Single Young Homeless Project.

The 2017 Summer Ball on 18 June saw a team of 12 students become Waste Ambassadors during the Singleton Park Campus-based event, signposting and advising fellow students about how to dispose of any waste generated during the ball and helping with in-event litter picking across the event site.

Departures weekends - Over the course of the two key departure weekends, a team of 12 students got together to help ensure effective disposal of waste and encourage reuse and recycling. The team patrolled the residences and were posted near waste compounds, talking to students and their parents about the advantages of recycling and reusing and signposting them to waste and recycling stations. 

Once the residences were vacated, a team of Sustainability staff and students joined forces to tackle the kitchens in the empty residences. The brave volunteers spent a full day cleaning out kitchens across the campus, washing crockery, cutlery, pots and pans and boxing them up for reuse by September’s new intake of students.

End of Term Clear Out 2

Large numbers of unopened tins and packets of food were recovered from across the Singleton Park residences for donation to charity, and any fridge and freezer waste was disposed of in appropriate food waste bins and recycling bags.

Hendrefoelan Student Village Furniture Clear Out  -  With residences due for handover to site developer St Modwen, the Sustainability team has been working with residences and local charities to ensure that large amounts of unwanted furniture and white goods from around 100 residences are put to good use. The British Heart Foundation and social exclusion charity Caer Las Cymru were delighted to receive the furniture and white goods which will directly benefit their service users in Wales. 

Louise Helliwell, Occupational Hygenist said:

“Our end of term clear out efforts have proved really worthwhile in so many ways. Not only have we massively helped minimise waste on campus at the end of term, but we have also helped promote a culture of reusing and recycling at the University and enabled students to take part in some really rewarding voluntary work which has benefitted the local community and charitable organisations.

“We’ll be carrying out similar activities at the end of the next academic year and are keen to involve our students again and give them the opportunity to do essential volunteering work which can count towards a Sustainability Award, but also allows them to give something back to the local community and to offer a helping hand to the next intake of students who may be leaving home for the very first time in September.”

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