Parallel 3D finite element ensemble Monte Carlo device simulations

‌‌Parallel 3D finite element ensemble Monte Carlo device simulations have the following capabilities:

  • 3D unstructured device mesh using tetrahedral elements
  • Ensemble Monte Carlo engine with transport model for Si, strain Si, and III-V semiconductors
  • Scattering mechanisms:
    • Bulk related: 
      • polar optical phonons
      • inter/intra-valley optical phonons
      • acoustic phonons
      • ionized and neutral impurities (screening models: Debye-Hückel, Thomas-Fermi, static, q-dependent)
      • alloy scattering
    • Dielectric-semiconductor interface related:
      • interface roughness
      • interface phonons
  • Fermi-Dirac (self-consistent) or Boltzmann statistics
  • quantum corrections using 1) a density gradient approach (adapted for the finite elements) or 2) a newly developed 2D finite element Schroedinger Equation solution
  • finite element mesh adapted electric field calculations, charge assignment, contact treatment, and interface roughness/phonons
  • atomistic dopants