Attendees of the 2017 Workshop



The Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering (ZCCE) organises an event every two years where Swansea and Tsinghua University of China come together, for the purposes of collaboration amongst their respective academics.

What happens?

The Joint Workshop, which takes place every two years and is hosted on a rotating basis, aims to bring the two universities even closer and to extend collaboration amongst their respective academics.

The Swansea-Tsinghua collaboration has resulted in numerous joint research projects, regular academic visits, PhD student exchange, high-quality joint research papers in leading journals, and the joint Erasmus Mundus MSc programme in Computational Mechanics.

This year’s guests from Tsinghua University were warmly welcomed by Professor Steve Brown, Head of Swansea University’s College of Engineering.

Professor Zhuo Zhuang honoured

Professor Zhuo Zhuang honoured

Swansea University further strengthened its links with Tsinghua University last week, with the conferment of an honorary doctorate degree, or EngD, on Professor Zhuo Zhuang, Chief Scientist of the National Fundamental Scientific Research of China and Professor at the School of Aerospace at Tsinghua University, for his extraordinary achievements in the field of computational engineering.

Programme & Presentations

Please see below a copy of the Workshop Programme along with the presentations.

Workshop Programme


Prof AJ Gil

Prof M Ellero

Prof H Khodaparaset

Prof WG Dettmer

Prof X Zhang

Prof Y Liu

Prof YX Ren

Prof ZL Liu

Dr P Ledger

Prof ZH Xiang