From September 2013 a three-year collaborative EPSRC funded project (EP/K023950/1), with Professors Brown, Marletta and Walker from the Schools of Mathematics and Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University, will investigate harnessing the power of GPUs and parallel processing to develop new approaches for the reconstruction of images from low frequency magnetic induction field measurements.

Here the inverse problem relates to determining the regions of higher conductivity in a lower conductive background from measurements of the perturbed field.

The project will involve theoretical, computational as well as engineering aspects applied to the relatively new medical imaging modality, magnetic induction tomography.  

This application could potentially offer advantages for early stages and monitoring of strokes, which are associated with contrasts in the electromagnetic parameters.

The project will work together with its collaborative partners at Bath University, University of South Wales and ABM University Health Trust, to ensure maximum impact of the planned developments.

Team - Swansea University

Ross Paul new web

Dr Ross Kynch

Research Officer, College of Engineering

Dr Paul Ledger,

Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Research Outputs

The work has been presented at the following conferences and workshops:

  • British Applied Mathematics Colloquim, April 2014
  • LMS Inverse Day, The University of Manchester, July 2014
  • LMS Inverse Day, The University of Leeds, September 2014
  • LMS Inverse Day, Cardiff University 2015
  • NA Conference Glasgow 2015

Some of our recent progress is summerised on the following posters:

and presentations

Contributions have been made to the following open-source software projects:

Further Funding

Our research in the computational simulation of eddy current problems and the associated imaging techniques has attracted the interest of SIEMENS. They are contributing to an EPSRC CASE award PhD studentship devoted to better understanding the mechanical vibration caused by the presence of eddy currents in conducting componets in MRI scanners. This work also builds on the portfolio of work already under taken by Dr Gil and Dr Ledger in the field of coupled electro-mechanical systems.