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Congratulations! You are on your way to being part of the success of the College of Engineering at Swansea University. 

2018 is an exciting year for us. We are enjoying our new home here at the Bay Campus, with our fantastic equipment and resources. Our teaching and research is increasingly recognised in the UK and internationally. And there is the world land speed record attempt from BLOODHOUND SSC, which we have worked on, to look forward to. 

Plus, you will be joining us later in the year. We look forward to meeting you!

Applied in the UK for a BEng or MEng degree?

If you have received an offer of a place to study here and are applying from the UK, you will be invited to an Applicant Visit Day. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the University and your course.

‌We look forward to welcoming you to the College of Engineering at Swansea University!

Applied from outside the UK for a BEng or MEng degree?

If you have applied from outside the UK for one of our undergraduate courses and would like to visit the University, please contact the College of Engineering for more information by email:

If you would like to find out more about the course you have applied for, please contact us in advance so we can arrange for an academic member of staff or student to meet with you.

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Reem Boujrad, home country: UK

Reem Boujrad

"My favourite course-related memories are our surveying trip in the first year with the brilliant Professor Oubay Hassan, the passionate lectures of Professor Antonio Gil and the brilliant opportunity I was given by my ex-tutor Prof. Tom Chen to co-write a chapter of an engineering book with him following the success of my dissertation. 

I graduated with a First Class Honours degree and am now a Graduate Civil Engineering Project Manager at Artelia International."

Jatin Patrick, home country: India

Jatin Patrick

"I integrated the knowledge I gained at the College of Engineering with the activities that I was responsible for in my placement

Everything I learnt at the College of Engineering facilitated my performance at my placement at every level.

This in turn helped me to understand modules better once I got back to University. It helped me to visualize and analyse the application of the theories and experiments in industry."

Ray Yip Kean Yui, home country: Singapore

Ray Yip Kean Yui

“During the course of my BEng Chemical Engineering at Swansea University, the lecturers impressed me the most. They were very professional and experienced. Not only were they friendly, they share their industrial experience and knowledge with us.

Swansea is a very cosy place to be in. The people here are very friendly especially when I go to the market to buy my groceries. 

Upon graduation, I plan to be a Process Engineer working in the food industry or detergent industry.”  

Aungshu Rahman, home country: UK

Aungshu Rahman

"I really enjoyed my years at Swansea University. Swansea is a beautiful place to live specially in summer and I also found night life in Swansea good. Overall I liked my student life here very much. 

The resources for engineering students are very helpful. We use Blackboard very regularly to check for assignments, course notes etc. Also we have a computer lab open 24hours which is extremely helpful." 

I have graduated and now work for BMW."

Haydn Foster, home country: UK

Haydn Foster

"I think my best memory of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering course, besides my year in industry at Red Bull, would be the micromouse project in the second year. It was a great opportunity to work with some new people and bring ideas together to create an automated robot. Then being able to see the work pay off in the three challenges at the end of the module was a great and exciting experience.

When I graduated I became a Graduate Engineer at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association)."

Chung Hang NG, home country: Hong Kong

Chung Hang NG

"With the knowledge I acquired from the College of Engineering, it gave me a good competitive advantage in getting a job in the field of engineering as Swansea University is a well-known university which provides high quality engineering courses.

Moreover, the university staff are always helpful and the ranking of engineering of this university is high enough for you to acquire your competitive advantages.

I am now a Graduate Structural Engineer at Atkins."

Thomas Dunn, home country: UK

Thomas Dunn, Graduate Civil Engineer, Transport For London

"I believe Swansea really set me up for a career in Engineering, due to the variety of the subjects that were taught and the quality of teaching. I found the lecturers very knowledgeable and approachable and I was able to take advantage of many opportunities.

The reputation that the College has in teaching and research helped me greatly when applying for jobs as industry professionals regards the engineering department at Swansea very highly.

I now work as a Graduate Engineer for Transport for London"

Ching Wong, home country: UK

Ching Wong

"My favourite memories of studying engineering include being able to meet so many like minded people and making great friends for four years - these are people that you simply will never forget for the rest of your life. Working together and of course, partying together! Especially in engineering there are so many of us and you will meet loads of different people doing different discipline of engineering as well."

Delyth Williams, home country: UK

Chemical Engineering

"My time at Swansea gave me four years of fantastic experiences that have served me well in the challenging environment of the oil industry, as  a Refinery Chemical Engineer for Phillips 66 Humber Oil Refinery.

Not only did Swansea give me the engineering skills required to progress with a career in the oil industry, it also provided me with many key life skills."

Blyton Pereira, home town: India

Blyton Pereira

“I decided to come to Swansea due to its great reputation in the UK and the world. In terms of research Swansea is ahead in the field carrying out breakthrough research.

One of my favourite memories of the Aerospace Engineering course was working on the aerodynamics of an aircraft which took place in our third year. 

Another fond memory was when I received the Top Student Award for Aerospace Engineering which was a combined effort of hard work and dedication and the support of my family and friends."