TATA Group Visits Swansea University

College of Engineering Welcomes Dr Suneel


The College of Engineering was recently visited by Dr Suneel T.S. from the TATA Group Innovation Office, India.

The visit was to demonstrate to the TATA Group, the diverse research taking place within the College of Engineering at Swansea University, and to strengthen ties between Swansea University and the parent Indian company of TATA Steel. 

During his visit Dr Suneel gave a talk to Engineering postgraduate students about the TATA Open Innovation Program, an endeavour to bring together innovators, scientists and academics from across the globe to solve some of the toughest challenges facing us and the world, inviting staff and students to get involved. Afterwards our students showcased their research and College of Engineering staff demonstrated the world class research facilities at Swansea University’s Bay Campus.

Dr Patrick Dodds, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow at the College of Engineering said ‘It is great that news of Swansea University’s Engineering Department has reached India and that Suneel came to visit. Suneel was extremely impressed with the facilities and the research taking place within Swansea and it’s something we should be proud of.’

The Tata Group has been known for its pioneering efforts for more than a century of its existence. Innovation is one of the core values of all Tata companies that operate in diverse Industries like Power, Materials, Automotive, Information and Communication technology and many more.

The Open Innovation Program has over 50 challenges coming from 15+ group companies such as Tata Steel, Tin Plate Company of India Ltd., Titan, Motors, Sponge and Pigments. The challenges vary from deep domain intensive challenges such as enhancing De-Sulphurisation, Demineralization and simple yet critical challenge such as Sheet counting, leakage detection etc. Thus, there is a‌‌ challenge for every domain.

For more information, visit tatainnoverse.com

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