Jipelec JetFirst 200 RTP

  Anealsys RTA1

 The Jipelec JetFirst 200 RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing) tool can process up to 12 inches wafers. It has built in pyrometer and thermocouple temperature control and allow the rapid temperature processing from ambient to 1000°C with the ramp rate 1°C/s to 300°C/s.

The tool is extensively used for contact alloying

Application Areas

  • Contact Alloying
  • Crystallization
  • RTA: Silicon and III V wafers annealing
  • RTO: Rapid Thermal Oxidation
  • RTN: Rapid Thermal Nitridation
  • RTD: Rapid Thermal Diffusion for spin-on dopant

Case Study

Film Annealing.

The RTA tool is able to anneal metallic films and reduce the resistivity from  2.46 ohm-cm to 0.0015 ohm-cm.

Low resistivity films are needed to produce high performance electrochemical electrodes for electrochemical research market.