Contracted Services & Access to Specialist Facilities

Contracted Services & Access to Specialist Facilities

The centre has over 50 contributing academic staff from the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine and Science who are available for a range of contract services.


The centre can provide consultancy to any business or organisation that requires expertise, support or advice.

Consultancy is developed around the needs of the company or organisation, and is structured to help individuals, companies and organisations gain access to the resources that the university has to offer.  

Contract Services

The research groups work closely with industry to deliver short to long term contracted services including proof of concept, research & development, prototyping right through to scale up activities.

The centre is committed to assisting local SMEs as well as large corporate businesses with an interest in nanotechnology and healthcare.

Access to specialist equipment and facilities

With secure access to 1500m² of dedicated laboratory space, the centre offers a range of equipment and commercial opportunities that would be impossible for a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) to develop alone.

The centre offers access to equipment and facilities for:

  1. Biology and advanced cell imaging
  2. Characterisation with equipment capable of electrical, physical & chemical analysis
  3. Micro-nano fabrication of sensors and devices

CNH can also offer a clinical research facility and access to a 'first into man' clinical trials unit and MRI/CT patient imaging and health informatics.

For a complete list of equipment, please go to Equipment page

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