Management Team

The centre has academic staff contributing from the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine and Science, and each college has a director assigned to developing the CNH strategy and operational management of the centre in conjunction with the centre manager.

Peter Dunstan, Co-Director

Peter Dunstan

Chair in Physics, College of Science

Peter is Director of the Centre for NanoHealth in the College of Science, and Programme Director for Physics. Peter’s areas of expertise include: nano-reporters, scanning probe microscopes and Raman spectroscopy. Read more

Shareen Doak, Co-Director

Professor Shareen Doak

Personal Chair Swansea University Medical School

Shareen is Director of the Centre for NanoHealth in the Medical School, and leads the Nano(geno)toxicology Research program, co-leads the In Vitro Toxicology Group and also leads prostate cancer research programs within the Cancer Biomarkers Group. Read more

Owen Guy, Co-Director

Professor Owen Guy

Professor in Nanotechnology, College of Engineering

Owen is Director of the Centre for NanoHealth in the College of Engineering, and is also head of the Systems Process & Engineering Centre (SPEC) one of 3 research centres within Swansea’s College of Engineering. Owen specialises in nanotechnology and advanced materials for healthcare applications. Read more

Matt Elwin, Centre Manager

 M Elwin

Dr Matt Elwin runs operations at the CNH and drives the centres industry engagement activity. Matt has 10years experience in the semiconductor industry and since moving to Swansea University has been actively involved in the centres creation and management since 2009. Matt has an active research interest in semiconductor devices and manages several R&D projects with Industry.




Steve Wilks, Founding Director

Steve Wilks

Steve Wilks is Pro-Vice Chancellor at Swansea University, and chairs the CNH Major Facility Committee. Steve is one of the founding directors of CNH and maintains an active research interest in nanomaterial characterisation within the centre. Read more


Steve Conlan, Founding Director

Steve Conlan

Steve Conlan is Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, head of Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology research, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the College, and Founding Director of the Centre for NanoHealth. Read more