Single Crystal Turbine Blades

Single crystal blade materials have found extensive use in high temperature service applications such as rotating aerofoils and static vanes in the gas turbine due to a favourable combination of mechanical properties including impressive high temperature fatigue, creep and environmental behaviour. Since internal grain boundaries are absent in single crystals, CMSX-4, the material of choice for many HP turbine applications, exhibits highly anisotropic mechanical properties, both in the elastic and plastic loading regimes. As such, recent research focused on the off-axis effects and multi-axial fatigue behaviour of the second generation Ni-based single crystal superalloy CMSX-4 as part of the TSB funded SAMULET programme (Strategic Affordable Manufacturing  of UK Leading Environmental Technologies), with future studies scheduled under the SILOET II (Strategic Investment in Low-carbon Engine Technology) project.

Previous research undertaken at Swansea has detailed the effect of plain and notched fatigue on Ni-based single crystal alloys orientated in <001> direction. This work focussed on CMSX-4 and two experimental alloys, exploring their LCF characteristics whilst assessing the impact of internal casting porosity on fatigue life at numerous temperatures.

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