Our strong links with industry

The College of Engineering has strong and established links with industry nationally and internationally.

Our knowledgeable academic staff and students are valued by companies to bring a new perspective and insight into the latest engineering developments. Our research has made a real impact on engineering our future. 

See case studies on our research impact and collaboration with industrial partners.

Dr Kristen James, Director of Clinical Studies, Acuitas Medical

“We are a partner to the College of Engineering through the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) scheme. The thesis project for one of our KESS students targeted development of a novel technique for diagnosis of osteoporosis. We have referred to the student's research in developing diagnostic technique for this crippling disease.

We are happy to say that the student has recently signed on with us, and we know she will prove to be an invaluable employee.”

Paul Jones, Technology and Innovation Manager,Tata Steel

“We have been working with the College of Engineering at Swansea University through the Steel Training Research and Innovation Partnership (STRIP) and Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovation in Functional Coatings (SPECIFIC). It is a great way for us to tap into the knowledge and enthusiasm that exists in abundance within the University.

The EngD and MRes students we have working on the STRIP scheme have brought a fresh way of thinking to our company and they receive valuable training and access to real industrial conundrums.”

How our industry links benefit you as a student

  • Close working with industry ensures graduates are kept up-to-date with industry trends
  • Learning approaches are industry-led, benefitting from practical work, examples and courses designed to encompass current practice and demands
  • Collaboration with industry improves graduate employment prospects
  • Practical degree programmes ensure that graduates are equipped with the full range of skills required to make a major contribution to organisations from day one
  • A multi-faceted approach to addressing employer/industry issues has been established

Our interaction with industry includes

Opportunities for postgraduates to foster links with industry in research