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Engineering Foundation Year

Engineering offers an enormous range of opportunities for graduates. If you do not have typical entry qualifications, or are an overseas student without the entry requirements for the first year, these four-year schemes are designed to provide wider access to accredited honours degrees.

One of the real benefits of the Foundation Year is that it is very flexible in allowing students to progress to such a wide choice of engineering subject areas including, Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Materials Science, Mechanical and Medical Engineering.

If you are an international student please find more information about our Foundation Year here

Scheme of study

Engineering foundation year

The Engineering Foundation Year is common to all disciplines. You can easily transfer between Engineering disciplines during the year. On successful completion of the Foundation Year, you progress to Level 1 of the degree.

The Foundation Year (Level 0) consists of eleven modules spread over two teaching blocks.
Modules will include subjects in the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Key skills for engineers
  • Fundamentals of materials
  • Thermofluid mechanics
  • Structural petroleum and polymeric materials
  • Optics and sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Mechanics

The Foundation Year forms part of an integrated BEng degree scheme and is subject to the same undergraduate tuition fees. Transfer to selected MEng schemes may be possible at the end of Level 2.

Our integrated foundation year courses

Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H101
Aerospace Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H405 
Chemical Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H835 
Civil Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H205
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H605
Materials Science and Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code J505
Mechanical Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code H307
Medical Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code HBC9