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Our new home at the innovative Bay Campus provides some of the best university facilities in the UK, in an outstanding location. 

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Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory has bench-scale experiments which provide fundamental understanding and experience in measuring and estimating data relating to various aspects of basic chemical and process engineering.

Examples include:

  • Determining the efficiency profile of a pump
  • Behaviour of a gas fluidised bed
  • Gas calorimetry
  • Vapour pressure as a function of temperature (Ramsay-Young experiment)
  • Mixing in flow-through stirred vessels
  • Distillation of toluene solutions
  • Drying of solids
  • Nature of fluid flow
  • Dynamic response of sensors
  • Residence time distribution in reactors

Second Year Laboratory

In the second year of the degree scheme, Environmental Engineering students develop skills in basic concepts of environmental chemical analysis and gain practical skills on a range of common analytical and sampling techniques of relevance to environmental engineers.

Examples of laboratory experiments include:

  • Analysis of soil exchange capacity
  • Development of adsorption isotherms on activated carbon, environmental chemical equilibria, and metal analysis in water