What is in the Engineering Quarter?

Space for us to grow

At the College of Engineering, we continually strive for excellence in our teaching and research. The Bay Campus provides the space for growth and enable us to build on our current success, co-locating industry with our academic staff and students.

The Bay Campus includes purpose built facilities for students, staff and businesses allowing for the benefits of co-location, enabling applied research, an accelerated innovation pathway and employment opportunities. 

The four buildings that form the College of Engineering house high-tech teaching and research laboratories. There are brand new lecture theatres, smaller tutorial and seminar rooms, teaching laboratories and PC facilities.

Engineering Central

Engineering Central


Focuses on advanced engineering and innovation

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Engineering East

Engineering East


Providing workshop facilities, work areas and research space

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Energy Safety Research Institute

Energy Safety Research Institute


Concentrating our strength in the energy sector

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Institute of Structural Materials

Institute of Structural Materials


Housing a mix of academic research and commercial activities

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Sport and Exercise Science facilities

Sport and Exercise Science


Providing innovative facilities for Sport and Exercise Science students

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Specific IKC - Active Classroom

Active Classroom


The building generates, stores and releases its own solar energy via a steel roof and solar cells.

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