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Free services to promote your opportunities

This is a major part of our service to employers and all opportunities that we advertise are published on our website.

We advertise vacancies for graduate jobs, internships and placements in the UK and abroad.  As many students want to work while they study, we also advertise temporary part-time and vacation jobs in the Swansea area.

You can input vacancies yourself using a simple online system described below:

FREE Online vacancy advertising service

We use the Prospects Net online vacancy service which provides a centralised advertising system that allows recruiters to:

  • Create and display vacancy advertisements on Careers and Employability Service's website following a simple step-by-step procedure
  • Monitor the success of online advertisements by seeing  how many times they have been viewed
  • Create additional users, allowing several people to log in to Prospects Net and manage advertisements
  • Receive the latest labour market news, bulletins and reports
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in graduate recruitment via Prospects' online newsletter, Brighter Prospects.

Please make sure that you follow the Prospects Net template carefully to ensure that you attract suitable candidates and to avoid your vacancy being rejected by our administration due to being incomplete.

Please note that we do not put general advertisements for recruitment consultancies/agencies on our website.  However, if you are representing a single company/organisation, we will advertise the vacancy provided that you are able to include the name of the actual employer within the vacancy details.

If you have any queries about our vacancy advertising service, please contact Gill Walters, Student Development Coordinator, on 01792 513266, email:

Gradintel career matchmaking service:

As an addition to our range of vacancy services we work in partnership with Gradintel, an innovative online recruitment service. helps students and graduates find  the 'right job', matching student profiles to employers' opportunity profiles.  Structured and comparable candidate information is available for Employer Members to pinpoint high-potential graduate level talent.  With you control the quality and quantity of candidates you attract.  Read more about gradintel services for candidates and employers here.

Recruiting International Graduates: 

The following document has been produced by AGCAS (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) to provide employers with a summary of regulations relating to the employment of international graduates in the UK; it was published in 2013 and revised in April 2016:

Recruiting International Graduates - A Guide for Employers, Copyright AGCAS