Time: 60 minutes

This test consists of two or three texts, totalling 2000-2500 words. Texts will be from articles of general interest, including one text of an academic style. Comprehension of the texts is assessed by about 40 questions, of a variety of types including:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False/Not Given
  • Short answer
  • Matching paragraph headings
  • Summary gap-fill



Time: 60 minutes

This test consists of two tasks, for each of which the candidate is required to write about 200 words.

Task 1 requires the candidates to summarise and interpret numerical data , shown in the form of a chart, such as a graph, bar chart or pie chart.

Task 2 is thematically related to Task 1, and requires the candidate to express personal opinions on a topical subject.

Performance is assessed on accuracy of grammar and vocabulary, range of structure, fulfilment of task and organisation .

Each task carries 50% of the total marks for the paper.

Grammar and academic vocabulary

Time: 40 minutes

This tests is in two parts, Grammar (20 minutes) and Academic Vocabulary (20 minutes).

Grammar (20 minutes)

This consists of two parts

  1. 15 multiple-choice questions, testing knowledge of grammar.
  2. 10 error-correction questions , testing ability to edit.

Vocabulary (20 minutes)

This test consists of 25 sentences with one word omitted . Candidates are required to choose the correct completion from four alternatives. The vocabulary tested is all from the sample SWELT test of academic vocabulary. (See link)



Time: 30-40 minutes

This test consists of recordings of a variety of conversations, short talks and news items. Comprehension is tested by a range of questions, including multiple choice, short answers (single word or number), completion of tables and labelling of diagrams.