Ways to reach others

COMMUNICATION, THE KEY TO IT ALL...  are you keeping in touch?

  • PERSONAL E-MAIL - you should normally expect to be set up with an e-mail user name shortly after you join the University.  This address will also be listed on the campus-wide webtel system so that others can look you up.
  • CAMPUS-WIDE E-MAIL CIRCULATION LIST - you will automatically be included on the staff@swansea.ac.uk list which gives brief bulletins on all sorts of events and information to all staff.
  • WEBTEL - this directory system provides an excellent campus-wide look up facility of staff names, e-mail, and telephone numbers. Hover over an entry to see full details of individual names.
  • TELEPHONES - most staff will have use of a personal or shared telephone.  Once this is allocated your number should be listed on the campus-wide webtel system so that others can look you up.
  • POST OFFICE - a full counter service is operated in Fulton House.  So there is no excuse for not posting that birthday card!
  • NETWORKING - don't forget to develop this essential personal communication system.  It is frequently career-critical. 
  • COMMITTEES - these provide an essential communication route, so understanding the 'internal organs' and architecture of an organisation is as important as knowing your way around the geography of the campus. Information on the main committees is available on the web.