Learning and Teaching CPD Opportunities

Swansea Academy of Learning & Teaching (SALT)

Target Audience

All staff involved in learning and teaching


The aims of the Learning and Teaching CPD Frame work are to:

•            Support all staff to continually improve the quality of their teaching

•            Offer a programme of professional development activities for staff at all levels

•            Set professional development expectations for staff and the institution in relation to their teaching development

•            Develop and support a wide range and broad definition of CPD activities

•            Improve the quality of student learning and outcomes for students

You can find further details of the framework as well as events and activities on the SALT Website https://salt.swan.ac.uk/cpd 

To find out more:

Details of the CPD available through https://salt.swan.ac.uk/cpd with specific sessions on the SALT Events page:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/swansea-academy-of-learning-and-teaching-salt-2039312959