Values Feedback Manager's Guide


All Professional Services functions at Swansea University operate to a defined set of Core Values and it is an expectation that everyone is able to demonstrate a commitment to these values from the point of application through to the day to day delivery of their roles.

Having the right values will help us improve services, and achieve our aims. To help people understand how the values affect them, a set of expectations have been drawn up to give examples of the sorts of actions, attitudes and behaviours that would either support or undermine the values.

You can find more information on the values and the values expectations here .

From September 2015, all staff who have values within their job descriptions, will have values embedded into their PDR or probation processes.

Staff will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire to assess their own performance against the values behaviours. Managers will also complete an assessment, and the two taken together are intended to form the basis of a meaningful and productive PDR or probation conversation.

Values feedback

Who is Included?

All staff with values in their job descriptions, including:

  • Professional services staff appointed from 1st March 2015. These include both internal and external appointments.

  • Professional services staff whose departments have been through the Professional Services Review by 30th April 2018

  • Some internally promoted staff

All of these staff, along with their line managers, will be informed of the process and timescales for completion and given information to support them in undertaking the exercise. In 2018, around 1200 staff will be taking part in the values feedback.


Participants and their reviewers will recevie a link to their feedback forms by 12th June 2017. You will have until 6th July to complete the feedback, which should take only around 10 minutes.

For those undertaking PDR, the feedback will be uploaded to the PDR document in time for the PDR window opening on 1st September.

For those on probation, feedback will be emailed to participants and line managers before 1st September.

PDR/ Probation


The values feedback should be used to inform discussion in the probation meetings, and if appropriate, to set targets relating to probation. The feedback will make clear where there are areas for development, and also recognise good performance.


The values feedback should be used to inform discussion in the PDR meeting. Staff will be asked to commit to at least one action based on their feedback results, a "feedback objective" and this will be recorded on the PDR. 

Next Steps

The values feedback is just one of the ways in which the University is embedding the professional services values. Once the realignment of professional servives is complete, all professional services staff will have the opportunity to receive values feedback.


Support for Managers

The Transformational Team (based in HR), are able to offer advice on all aspects of the PDR. Find out more about the team and how to contact them here

For more information on Professional Development Reviews in general, click here

For more information on the probation process click here

If you have any questions on the Values feedback, please contact