Change Matters

Change has become a fact of life in most institutions. Swansea University is no exception. From the second campus initiative that will have a far-reaching and long-range impact on the university, to regular changes at the department level, all Colleges and staff need to navigate through change.

There are many change models that provide a framework for leading and managing change. The steps below represent some common themes from these.

The 5 Key steps crucial to managing change.

  • Step 1 - Establish clear reasons for change
  • Step 2 - Communicate and Engage with the people involved
  • Step 3 - Plan and Implement the change
  • Step 4 - Provide leadership and management
  • Step 5 - Access training and development

In Universities, leadership is not something which is solely the prerogative of senior management. Aspects of leading and managing change may extend to any part and any level of the Institution.

How can I improve my Change Management Skills?

Online: You can access the following development tools:


Project Management - Swansea has its own Project Management Method for larger projects - information is available from the Planning and Strategic Projects Unit or contact

For courses and development opportunities, please also see the leadership and management section of 'Update'


What Communication and engagement techniques are available to me?

Face-face communications (regular)

  • Assemblies
  • Student Union Exectutive Meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Staff meetings

Face-to-face communications (ad hoc)

  • Word of mouth
  • Occasional meetings

Written communications (regular)

  • Intranet front page
  • RSS feed
  • Staff Briefing
  • Campus news
  • Managers' briefings
  • Newsletters
  • SU Weekly
  • Swansea Student

Written communications (ad hoc)

  • Email distrubitions lists
  • pop-ups
  • Blackboard
  • Message points
  • Plasma screens