The Oscar Model


(Your destination)

This is where you help the individual clarify the outcomes (for the immediate and long term) around the issue they have raised.



What would you like to achieve from

this session?

What is your long-term outcome?

What would success look like?



(Your starting point) 

This is where you get clarity around where the individual is right now, the purpose is to raise the awareness of the individual and the questioning in this section is for the benefit of the person being coached not the coach.


What is the current situation?

What's actually happening?



(Your route options) 

This is where you help the client/team member generate as many alternative courses of actions as possible and help them increase the awareness about the consequences of each choice.



What choices do you have?

What options can you choose from?

What are the consequences of each choice?

Which choices have the best consequences? 


(Your detailed plan)

This is where you help the individual review the options generated and to clarify the steps forward and to take responsibility for their own action plan.


What actions will you take?

When will you take those actions?

Who will support you in taking action?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how willing are you to take those actions?



(Making sure you are on track) 

This is where you help the individual to continually check that they are on course.  This also helps you, if you are the manager, be fully informed about what your team member is doing and why.



What steps will you take to review your progress?

When are we going to get together to review progress?

Are the actions being taken?

Are the actions moving you towards your outcome?