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Develop intuition. Learn to use all parts of your brain, separately and as a whole.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a non-directive way of encouraging individuals to develop a style of managing, which you can add to your "personal toolkit".

When conducted successfully, coaching is a powerful process that can be used to help an individual improve their performance and develop their skills and also bring benefits to you as coach and your College or Department.

Understanding Coaching

Gallwey (1975), a Harvard educationalist described coaching as “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Swansea University supports coaching as a powerful development tool that enables staff to enhance the impact they have in their areas of work and/or discipline.

We believe coaching as a tool supports the creation of an enabling environment where individuals develop their capacity to approach a range of circumstances from different perspectives. It is our belief that coaching interventions will help academics, researchers and professional services staff to meet the growing challenges and needs of all stakeholders in the current changing higher education market.

At Swansea University there is a range of coaching services available, including:

  • One to one leadership coaching - Leadership coaching unlocks a leader’s potential, enabling  positive individual and organisational change. It provides a secure, confidential space in which leaders are supported and challenged to reflect, discuss and take action.
  • One to one PDR Case coaching – confidential one to one coaching in order to get the most out of your PDR with your teams
  • A range of in-house programmes to develop the manager/leader as coach - our in-house programmes help you to embed coaching conversations into your personal toolkit repertoire. Our programmes, which include HR for Managers, Leading for Change and Developing your Coaching focus on the essential practical tools and skills you need to introduce or enhance a coaching culture within your teams.