Steps to Success

 If you are interested in taking the idea of coaching forward in your teams, the following are some practical steps to consider:


•   Talk with us in Development and Training Services @ APECS.

•   Download the Coaching Guide from our web and access the Toolkit resource area.

•   Engage a coach yourself to identify where you’d like to improve and see the difference it makes in the way you work, think and feel; those around you will notice too!

•   Think about how those in your team could benefit from coaching and explore their interest as part of their personal development

•   Some basic training – our HR for Managers Programme and Leading for Change Programme will give you the approaches and techniques you need to begin making a positive impact

•   Start asking more questions of your team instead of giving them the answers! By managing with a coaching style, you will build their confidence and in due course, free up your time.


Finally, talk to the performance enabling team in HR about the Coaching Culture Strategy and how they might support you.