Benefits of Coaching

There can be tangible benefits for both the individual and the Institution.  

The individual can learn to better solve their own problems, improve their managerial or leadership skills, improve relationships with others, learn how to reflect and develop themselves, become more confident, a better performer, have greater insight into themselves and gain new perspectives, acquire new skills and abilities, develop adaptability, improve work-life balance and reduce stress.

As a result of effective coaching, the Institution could see increased productivity and improvement, as well as a more engaged employee – reflecting an organisation committed to developing its employees and making the best of their skills. It could see newly promoted/appointed individuals better able, more quickly, to embrace their role and new responsibilities. Coaching can also help the individual deal with personal issues which could be impacting on performance at work.

Coaching can be very helpful at times of change, helping to move forward a change agenda across an Institution. Coaching is also seen as a very effective support to other training and development initiatives, helping individuals reflect on and reinforce their learning.