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About Our Programmes

‌‌DACE offers a range of part-time courses that take place during the day, evening and weekend, in your community and on campus. Many of our courses and programmes have no entry requirements. 

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Information Events and Taster Days on Campus and in the Community are intended to help students make an informed decision about their future and are aimed to introduce then to a subject area.


Community-based Lectures 

Lectures across a broad range of topics which take place at community venues: DACE Community Based Public Lectures 2017-18


Taster Courses 

Specifically designed to widen participation, these are usually short courses aimed at introducing you to a range of subjects and encourage progression to further studies.  If you can't find what you're looking for or would like to discuss a tailored approach to learning with your group, please contact Vanessa Thomas 01792 602017


HE Accredited Modules

The accredited programme enables students to gain Higher Education credits, which in most cases can be used to gain a Foundation Certificate, a Higher Education Certificate and Higher Education Diploma. The modules are a FHEQ level 4 which is at pre-university standard, level 5 which is equivalent to the standard taught at the first year of a degree and level 6 which is equivalent to the standard taught at the second year of a degree. When you gain credit it is recognised that you have successfully completed a course of study and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) supports the course financially.  To view our 2017/18 brochure:  DACE Part-time Courses Brochure 2017-2018


HE Certificates and Diplomas

You can study a combination of HE accredited modules over a period of two to five years in many subject areas.  The credits achieved can be used towards a Certificate of Higher Education or a Diploma of Higher Education.  When you achieve sufficient credits to gain a Certificate or Diploma, you will be invited to receive your Swansea University Certificate or Diploma at a graduation ceremony.   To view our 2017/18 brochure:  DACE Part-time Courses Brochure 2017-2018


The BA Degree Preparation Programme 2018

The BA Degree Preparation Programme (PREP) is a short, part-time, preparatory course for those adults who are considering studying at Higher Education (HE) level.  It is designed for adults who have not recently studied and who may not have any formal qualifications.

This programme starts in April 2018 for 11 weeks and will be taught at the Singleton Campus in Swansea and in community venues across Swansea and Neath Port Talbot  It is FREE to eligible students and after successfully completing the programme, many students progress to the part-time BA (Honours) Degree in Humanities or to other courses with DACE or with other institutions.

The structure of the PREP reflects the flexible nature of the part-time BA (Honours) Degree in Humanities and students can mix and match modules at a number of venues and on different days to allow the programme to fit in around their busy lives.  Students choose two subjects from a wide variety such as History, English Literature,  Psychology, Sociology and many more. For more information, please contact 01792 602211


BA (Honours) Degree in Humanities, English or History (Part-time)

The Degree Programme is aimed at those who, because of work, family or other commitments choose to study on a part-time basis.  Students study for a Degree in Humanities, English or History, over 6 years, at community venues across Swansea and Neath Port Talbot  

For more information, please contact Janice Brown - 01792 295499/602211