About Us

The Centre for Global Legal Priorities (CGLP) at Swansea Law has as its aim the production of research to deal with the changing nature of international law. Centre members hold the collective view that international law will play an increasing role in regulating human affairs. Areas once regulated solely or primarily by domestic law are increasingly being made subject to international law. The nature of the state is changing as well. Many of the challenges humanity now faces require transnational and global solutions. A robust form of law transcending borders is needed to deal with these global challenges.

Two substantive areas for development have been identified for the Centre. One, "Global Challenges - Global Law", builds on Professor Joel Trachtman's research in public international and international economic law. The second, building on Professor Philip Bobbitt’s work on foreign relations, national security, and associated political theory. The centre aims to improve the depth and breadth of expertise in the two thematic areas. Ongoing interdisciplinary discussions with researchers in Development Economics and Politics are aimed at developing inclusive responses to these identified research challenges.