Visiting & Exchange Students

Full year exchange students

Although not guaranteed accommodation, you should apply before 30 June to stand the best chance of getting a room in our residences. Apply for accommodation.

1st semester students

Take a look at our factsheet:‌‌  A6 1st semester students factsheet 2017-18

Once you are accepted to study at Swansea, the International Development Office will send you information that includes your six digit student number which you can then use to complete your application for accommodation online above.

University Residences

  • Rooms in our residences are offered and accepted for the period stated in the contracts and is a legally binding contract.
  • If you are here for one semester we will only offer you accommodation once we've housed all our full year students.
  • It is not normally possible to move out of University accommodation once you have signed a contract though you may be able to change rooms. 
  • For complete information on our residences please click here

Private sector accommodation

2nd Semester Students

If you are studying in Swansea from January as a 2nd semester visiting or exchange student, take a look at our factsheet to find out about: 

  • Finding a room in a private house close to the University - sharing with other University students
  • University Residences - available rooms, how to apply and paying for your room

Factsheet: A7 2nd Semester Visiting and Exchange students

Science Without Borders and American Exchange (inclusive) students

If you are on the Science Without Borders or American Exchange (inclusive) scheme, you do not need to do anything about your accommodation as it is included with your study scheme.  

  1. We have a room for you in our Hendrefoelan Student Village - click here to find out more about our Student Village.
  2. We'll email you your room details, also known as your room offer, and ask you to email us back accepting your room.
  3. Once you've accepted your room, we'll send you information on how and where to collect your key when you arrive.
  4. Your accommodation is paid directly to us as part of your scheme - you will not need to sort out payment, it's all organised for you.