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Recruitment & Selection, Section 7 - Declaration of Interests

It is essential that the Recruitment and Selection process is both fair and seen to be fair.  

In situations where a member of the shortlisting or interviewing panel has a potential conflict of interest because of a personal, familial, financial or other relationship with applicants/candidates, this matter must be raised with the Head of Department or with the appropriate Pro-Vice-Chancellor if it is the Head of Department who has the relationship at the shortlisting stage or with the Chair of the Appointments Panel at the interview stage.

For further details, please see the Code of Conduct on Personal Relationships.

Once the report of the relationship is received by the Head of Department/Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Chair of Panel, it would normally be appropriate to change the membership of the Shortlisting/Appointments panel.   In exceptional circumstances, where it is deemed appropriate for the member of staff to remain on the shortlisting panel/interview panel, the issue must be drawn to the attention of the Chair of the appropriate panel at subsequent stages of the procedures.

Members of staff involved in the shortlisting process will be required to sign a declaration on the shortlisting form confirming that they are aware of this requirement.

Similarly, Chairs of the Selection Panels will be required to ask panel members prior to the commencement of interviews that they comply with this requirement.


If a potential conflict of interest is identified:

  • At short-listing stage

The matter must be reported to the Head of Department or the appropriate PVC if it is the Head of Department raising the matter.

  • At interview stage

The matter must be reported to the Chair of the appointments panel before the interviews commence. 

    • When the report is received the membership of the short-listing/appointments panel should be changed.
    • Exceptionally, it may be deemed appropriate for them to remain on the panel. The Chair must be notified of the potential conflict of interest.