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Recruitment & Selection, Section 11 - Composition of Interview Panels

The following should be considered when establishing an interview panel:

  1. Chairs of interviewing panels will have received training in recruitment and selection techniques and have attended appropriate courses;
  2. members of staff sitting on a Selection Committee shall normally have attended a training course, except in exceptional circumstances (eg where  a particular skill or knowledge is required).  Any member of staff who attends an interview panel when s/he has not been trained, will be expected to attend the next available training course;
  3. every attempt should be made to ensure a gender balance on interviewing panels, unless impossible or impracticable;
  4. where practicable the panel should reflect ethnic diversity.

It is the normal expectation that panel members will be senior in grade to the post being interviewed.  However, in cases where a gender/ethnicity balance can not be achieved due to grade restrictions on the panel, it has been agreed that panel members may hold equivalent graded posts to the post being interviewed in order to offer a wider field of possible panel members.

Specific guidance on the composition of interview panels for all staff groups is set out in the following:  Composition of Interview Panels


Human Resources officers will normally attend the following interviews as assessors:

  • Manual (above grade 2)
  • Technical
  • Clerical and secretarial
  • Administrative
  • Other appointments where the Director of HR deems it appropriate

Copies of the short listed applications and the agenda must be sent to the Human Resources Officer before the interviews.  For Academic and Academic related appointments the relevant Human Resources Officer must approve the panel, the short listed candidates and the date of the interviews before interview letters are sent to candidates.