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Redeployment Policy

The HR Department are currently running a pilot Redeployment procedure to assist staff nearing the end of their fixed term contracts.

When a vacant post has been authorised and prepared it is circulated to staff within 3 months of the end of their fixed term contract on an electronic "Advance Notification" Circulation list.  All eligible staff are able to apply for the vacancy and will be considered before the post is advertised more widely. 

In order to be included on the list staff need to have 8 months' service with the University.  It is not intended that fixed term staff should have preferential access to promotion opportunities via the redeployment list.  Therefore, if a post applied for under this redeployment process  is a higher grade than your current position, your application will be held over while the post is advertised more widely and will be considered alongside any other applications from Swansea University staff, unless previously filled under the redeployment process. 

This policy was reviewed in September and feedback was obtained from Managers and fixed term staff and it was agreed that the pilot would be continued until Spring 2009 and a further review will be carried out.

Redeployment Application Form

Redeployment form (word)