Swansea University - HERA



HERA is a job evaluation scheme designed to analyse all roles found in Higher Education. Standing for Higher Education Role Analysis, the word also contained the symbolism of the Queen of the Greek Gods. It is a competencies based, computerised role analysis system which can be applied to all roles in Higher Education, and which can assess their relative value in a consistent and equitable manner.

HERA analyses roles using a questionnaire which contains 14 elements and 50 questions. These were identified during field research involving staff from all types of universities and colleges of Higher Education and were extensively tested to ensure they adequately capture all roles and reflect the values of British Higher Education.

HERA produces a total points’ score which is used to assess the relative value of the roles in a consistent and equitable manner. This score can be used to assign roles to appropriate grades or bands in a salary structure.

HERA is owned by the Educational Competences Consortium Ltd. For more information, please, visit HERA website.