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Motor Insurance Advice for Swansea University Staff and Students

Swansea University has comprehensive motor insurance cover for all staff and students who need to hire a vehicle on official University business or who need to drive one of the University's owned vehicles.

Any person nominated by a Head of Department can drive a University owned or hired car.Minibus drivers are strongly advised to have completed the relevant training course. Departments should now organise any required training themselves, by contacting Professional Driving Services,

All persons required to drive University owned or hired vehicles must hold a full driving licence and also complete a .(F.E.17.1).  It is essential for this cover to be effective, that all endorsements and related convictions of those drivers wishing to make use of the cover provided by this policy, promptly notify theInsurance Officer in advance of any hire by completing this form.

Any claims arising from the use of a hire car where such notification has not been made renders the employee personally liable for any costs incurred.

In the event of a motor claim, the driver of the vehicle must contact the insurers directly to report the claim. 

Tel: 0870 6081931 and quote Policy Number: FP-4199020 Swansea University

Any excess charge payable in the event of a claim must be borne by the department hiring the vehicle.

Excesses to pay if a claim is made:-

Under the current policy the excesses in the event of a claim are:-

Drivers aged 25 and over - £250

Drivers aged between 21 and 24 - £450

Drivers aged under 21 - £550

In addition to this there is an excess of £450  for any driver over 25 who has had a full EU driving licence for less than 12 months.


The fourth EU Motor Directive came into effect in the UK on 20th January 2003.Under this Directive, the University has an obligation to inform its insurance company of any vehicle covered by its motor policy, where the period of hire exceeds fourteen days.It does not apply where the period of hire is less than fourteen days.

In order that the University ensures that it complies with this directive, any members of staff that are hiring/leasing vehicles for more than fourteen days must email the following information to the University’s Insurance Officer as soon as the hire or long lease is arranged.

  1. Hire Company
  2. Description of vehicle (e.g. Red Ford Mondeo 1.6LX)
  3. Registration Number of Vehicle
  4. Date cover to commence (dd/mm/yy)
  5. Date cover to cease (dd/mm/yy)


    If you are travelling to Europe on University Business and require European Breakdown Cover, you must arrange this yourselves. 

Employees Own Cars

When using their own private car on University business, employees should ensure that their insurance cover extends to business use and the insurer should, if necessary, be asked to endorse the certificate to confirm that driving in the performance of the employer’s business is covered by the insurance policy.The University will not reimburse the cost of any damage caused to an employee’s private car or associated insurance excess.