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Polisïau a Gweithdrefnau Ariannol

Here are the Financial Policies and Procedures for 2007-2008. You can view them in one of two ways. The Policies and Procedures can either be viewed in their entirety or, you can look at them section by section.

The complete version of 2007-2008 Financial Policies and Procedures (FP&P's) can be viewed here:

Financial Policies and Procedures 2007-2008

Alternatively, you can view the FP&P's, section by section here:

Section A: Introduction.
Section B: Responsibility for Finance.
Section C: Organisation Charts.
Section D: Financial Regulations.
Section E: Detailed Headings: 2007-2008 FP&P's.
Section F: General Information and Forms: 2007-2008 FP&P's.

If you need to print off any of the forms and/or documents from Section F, please follow this link: