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Cefnogaeth a Chynllunio Ariannol

This section is responsible for providing a comprehensive financial support service for all University Academic Departments, covering a range of services such as:- Business Planning, Reporting and Monitoring of budgets, Liaison, Advice, Processing recharges, Journal corrections and Full Economic Costing.

Annette Jones heads this Section and she can be contacted on +44(0)1792 295733, or by e-mail, annette.jones@swansea.ac.uk

If you have a specific query, the table below lists the main services of the section and provides the contact details for an appropriate member of staff.

Look here for your School Support contact or choose a Service from the table shown below.

Service  Name Telephone E-Mail address
 Automated Journals  Nichola Quinn  +44(0)1792 602201  recharges@swansea.ac.uk
 Budget Reports  Nichola Quinn  +44(0)1792 602201  n.quinn@swansea.ac.uk
 Budget Reports  Denise Radford  +44(0)1792 602363  d.m.radford@swansea.ac.uk
 Full Economic  Costing  Julie Pugsley  +44(0)1792 295545  j.e.pugsley@swansea.ac.uk
 Interdepartmental Recharge Book  Nichola Quinn  +44(0)1792 602201  n.quinn@swansea.ac.uk
 Journal Processing  Nichola Quinn  +44(0)1792 602201  n.quinn@swansea.ac.uk
 New Financial Codes  Nichola Quinn  +44(0)1792 602201  n.quinn@swansea.ac.uk
 Salary Budgets  Denise Radford  +44(0)1792 602363  d.m.radford@swansea.ac.uk
   Julie Pugsley  +44(0)1792 295545  j.e.pugsley@swansea.ac.uk

School Support Name Telephone E-Mail address 
 Arts  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 Business and Economics  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 DACE  Chris Morris  +44(0)1792 602530  s.c.morris@swansea.ac.uk
 Engineering  Caroline Jones  +44(0)1792 602093  caroline.p.jones@swansea.ac.uk
 Environment and Society  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 Health Science  Annette Jones  +44(0)1792 295733  annette.jones@swansea.ac.uk
 Human Sciences  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 Humanities  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 Law  Garry Astley  +44(0)1792 295846  g.m.astley@swansea.ac.uk
 Medical School  Annette Jones  +44(0)1792 295733  annette.jones@swansea.ac.uk 
 Physical Sciences  Caroline Jones  +44(0)1792 602093  caroline.p.jones@swansea.ac.uk
QL Maintenance Chris Morris +44(0)1792 602530  s.c.morris@swansea.ac.uk

If you use QL or the Purchase Order Processing System, (POP), and have a related query that you need assistance with, please click on the following to see who you need to speak to.